Sourcing sustainable foods for hotels might sound quite absurd, but it is quite remarkable. The rules for a sustainable supply of food keeps changing. Due to the constant change in the rules, people are confused on what to eat and what not to eat. The next biggest issues are the fear of having a shortage of food due to severe climatic conditions. So we do need a sustainable source of the food system, and the government must levy taxes on the unsustainable food items. The need for sustainable food has been rising on a large scale these days, and people are demanding for sustainable sources of food.  The customers in the hotels want to know more about where their food is coming from and from that they judge the quality of the food.

Source Sustainable for Hotels

The following things you can follow to source sustainable food to your hotels:

  • Choosing the sustainable suppliers.
  • Food Carbon.
  • Growing your food.
  • Other hints and tips.

Choosing the sustainable suppliers:

While choosing your vendors, you need to ask yourself few questions and if the food gets transported from a long distance. The place from which your food source is coming from and the time it has taken to reach you. Having these questions in mind, you need to select your suppliers. Do not choose a provider who has to travel a long distance to provide you. Sometimes the food can get bad if not stored or packed properly. Likewise, Study and get some details about the source you are getting the food. Make sure that the source is clean and trustable.

Food Carbon:

Most restaurants do not consider to count the carbon content in the food. But there are hotels which calculate the carbon content in the food. They integrate the carbon content with the menu and service. The customers get karma card where they get a free dish if they make enough karma points in their card if they save carbon by not rating carbon containing food.

The industries which have designed calculators which will calculate the carbon content in the food and it also helps the food growers to measure and understand the carbon footprint of their livestock.

Growing your food:

If you are not satisfied with the sources your suppliers are providing you then the best option you have is to increase your supplies; this can also attract many customers as they know that your food source is so fresh. These days customers are very cautious about their health and what food they eat. If customers get to know that your hotel gets its food supplies from its backyard, then they would love to have a meal at your hotel. You also do not have to worry about the suppliers reaching you on time and the source of the food from the vendor.

Other hints and tips:

  • Always try to get your eggs and chicken from an organic source.
  • Things like coffee, tea, sugar, dried fruits must be Fair trade certified.
  • Try to make your fruits and vegetables seasonal and locally grown.