Gordon Ramsey is well known for his brilliant chef skills and the way he presents his food. He is also quite famous since he has hosted in the shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef, and Kitchen Nightmares. He also has a famous restaurant of his own, and the restaurant was awarded three coveted Michelin stars in the year 2001. Apart from his excellent cooking skills, the reality shows, and the restaurant, Ramsey is known for his temper and harsh remarks on the competitive reality shows. It is challenging to please him with your cooking skills. If something goes wrong, then he will trash you for the way you have cooked.

Gordon Ramsey Click

Recently Ramsey has turned his attention to home cooks, people from all over the world take a picture of what they have cooked and tweet it on twitter asking Gordon Ramsey to rate their food. Again Ramsey has a harsh but hilarious way of commenting on the pictures people post. He is not quite the same with children though. Ramsey recently had a show where children were allowed to compete. To everyone’s surprise, he was incredibly kind, funny and encouraging with the kids. He says it is because he has kids and Ramsey knows kid’s mentality.

Most of us enjoy cooking, and we love it when someone appreciates and eats our food. Ramsey is one of the best chefs in the world, and he is one of the strictest chefs too.

The following are some of the things which make Gordon Ramsey click:

  • Passionate cooking.
  • Cleanliness.
  • Deserts.
  • Special Ingredients.

Passionate cooking:

Gordon Ramsey says that food can be delicious, but you need to make sure that you have put in your passion there. Cooking is an art and people must not do it just for fun. It can be done for fun, but if you want Ramsey to click, then the dish you have made must look like it has had some efforts put into it.

You need to put your energy, love, and passion for what you are cooking to bring out the perfect dish. Taste can be the second thing. But if you are a passionate cook, then that’s what matters to him.


The way you present your food must be neat and clean. You should properly organize your food and arrange them in the way it pleases your eyes and makes your mouth water.


Ramsey is a dessert lover. He says that he would have desserts all three times a day. So if you are right in making desserts, there are high chances of impressing him if you present it well with a good taste.

Special ingredients:

Gordon says that a small amount of an ingredient can change the flavor of the entire dish, so it is vital to keep an eye on what you are adding and what you are not adding.

Keeping it simple:

Cooking shouldn’t be a tough job; it must be done with love and passion. He says people try too hard and make mistakes. So make a dish that is very straightforward and neat.